May 12, 2016

3 Outfits, One Basic Turtleneck

We have selected three different ways to wear one basic black turtleneck with just layering. This turtleneck is from Soulland and it's paired with pieces from Kit Neale and CMMN SWDN | All of these garments are available in store and online, Get them NOW!  —  


Turltleneck by Soulland, Orange Bomber by CMMN SWDN, Silver Sweater by Soulland, Track Shorts by Kit Neale.


Turltleneck by Soulland, Neoprene T-Shirt by CMMN SWDN, Track Shorts by Kit Neale.


Turltleneck by Soulland, White Oxford by Soulland, Pink Hooded Sweatshirt by Soulland, Black Denim Jacket by Soulland,  Track Shorts by Kit Neale.