July 14, 2016

Moroccan vibes at CMMN SWDN SS17 Collection

A trip to Morocco in a cool and dusty collection. "Market Rodeo” is the name of this collection and is full of resemblance to this vibrant city with its crazy mixture of colors, textures and styles.   —  

Our dear friends from CMMN SWDN presented at London Collections: MEN a few days ago, with a new collection called “Market Rodeo”, Emma and Saif take us in a journey to a Moroccan getaway. Inspired by a trip they took to this amazing city, chaotic mixtures of colors, smells of the Marrakech market, textures and materials is what essentially inspired these two very talented designers.

It is very interesting how they manage to translate their inspirations every season. They have an elegant way of showing that concept in the collection, that is not too literal and having their own voice and proposal about an specific idea.

I gotta say that is a delight to attend their show every season and to visit them at the showroom in Paris, It is exciting to see every piece up close, check out the materials and confections skills, and just diving ourselves even more into the inspiration they have with every collection.