July 14, 2016

Soulland SS17 Collection Presented in Milan

How would you feel about a fashion show presented in the streets of Milan and was so laid back that models ended up skating? Well Soulland just did it for its SS17 presentation and we were there. Check it out!  —  

It was time for Soulland to present at this seasons Fashion Week at Milan. Debutantes of presenting in one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world, Silas and Jacob did an amazing job. We got to chat with them about how they wanted to present something different, to give a different approach to the well known fashion presentation runway. So they created a very chill and laid back presentation in the middle of a street in Milan, with models lined up showing the amazing collection and even skating a little, spoke the street culture that Soulland is all about.

Inspired by a famous ghetto neighborhood in China, that was basically a mixture of buildings and activities that were pilled up together having nothing to do with each other, and an idea that lands on the easiness of very different things combining together and making sense somehow and we can see that in the collection from the selection of colors to patterns and materials like pink, yellow, green, cammo and blue. I have to spoil you a little bit and tell you that we might be talking about the possibility for them to come to Mexico! Stay tuned! in the mean time check out the very cool collection they presented in Milan.