July 28, 2015

Meet our new friends from Italy! | SUNNEI direclty from Milan

"Sprezzatura", meaning ‘a perfect conduct or performing a task without any effort’, is what SUNNEI is all about. This cool brand is reinventing the way young Italians live, stepping aside from the classic silhouette and proposing something fresh and simple with impeccable Italian tailoring. We welcome SUNNEI to the list of brands we stock!  —  

Sunnei is an emerging Italian menswear brand that needs to be on your radar NOW! Created by Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo, with only two seasons and a third recently shown at Milan Fashion Week, this young brand has caught the attention of big names in retail around the world. Sunnei is effortlessly cool, pieces that speak about a new young Italian way of living. Denim, rich materials, clean lines, sober yet refined and symmetry are some words people have used to describe this new and exciting Italian brand. The Fall / Winter 2015 collection will soon be available in store and online! Don’t miss it!

Check out the look book images below and head over Sunnei´s website to learn more about this brand.