Jun 4, 2018

Pre-Pride Sale Event

In support to the LGBT+ community we organized a Sale Event honoring Pride Month and a series of exciting collaborations and artists that we will stock during this month (and maybe more). Also our very own Orlando mixed all night playing the best tunes!


Our friends from Flores La Fe were commissioned in a conceptualization of the emblematic LGBT+ flag with flower arrangements that represent every color of it. --- Artist Felix D'Eon is best known for creating pieces that illustrate queer illustrations in vintage environments mixed with political, cultural and fantasy stereotypes. We created a special board of his illustrations in store, his pieces will be available all month. --- "The sauna saved my life but left me in ruins" A series of personal illustrations and sketches made by artist and architect Joaquín Fierro are places in corners of the store, also his work is available for purchase. --- A curation of queer books and publications will be available in collaboration with Casa Bosques --- All photos were taken by Ximena