Apr 7, 2020

Stronger Than Yesterday! - A letter from our founder

We've never thought we could see the day we had to close our doors due to a situation like this. I'm sure we'll see the end of this very soon, but we cannot loose hope, sanity and love. Please keep on spreading joy and laughter, because we all need it...(keep reading)  —  

To all of our friends and community,

These times are of uncertainty and shelter around the world, there is no doubt that this global pandemic we are facing is forcing us to do things we don't normally do or we forgot to do at some point in our everyday basis. We are encouraging our community to be strong, to recharge, to rest, to think, to self care and to take care of others by staying home. Is in times like these that we most value the things we have, the things that we don't and the values we preach on.

This is why we decided to close our doors temporarily to prioritize the safety of our employees and community. As Miss Spears says, "We will come back stronger than yesterday", and I'm sure we will.

Right now It's time to focus on our health and the health of others. I want to thank everyone who has been supporting us with the most amazing messages of love and hope. We will use this time to connect with you even more through our digital channels and please keep in contact as we have more exciting news to come!

Please don't loose hope, XoXo.