Feb 10, 2020

Xander Zhou is coming this Fall!

We are proud to say that we'll be stocking Xander Zhou AW20 'Multiverse' collection. From asymmetrical, bi color shirts, pixelated garments and an ethos that speaks about an alternate universe that is hidden form our current reality.  —  

The amazing brand created by Chinese designer Xander Zhou is coming to Apartment25 this Fall, and for the first time to Mexico and Latin America. Zhou presented his AW20 collection this past January under the London Fashion Week calendar. We've been fans of Xander's collections and we cannot be happier that we finally will be able to stock his brand in store for next fall.

This collection speaks about alternate dimensions in a world that has suffered over the past months. Zhou’s show also explored the concept of split realities through asymmetrical garments and styling, creating a vision of two storylines.

“If someone or something does not exist in one world then it may well do in another or in another dimension within the ‘Multiverse’.” Zhou said in a machine-generated press statement. “Something that may be a lie in this dimension could well be the truth elsewhere.”

“What I want to express is that beneath the world we see, there might be hidden layers or dimensions that are stacked onto each other,”

We have to say that every collection Xander creates resonates in his garments in the most exciting way, we are always caught by pieces that either you have to see them up close or just need to have them.